The Blog

TranquilSigh is the companion to ProlongedSigh.

There are plenty of issues other than politics and current affairs that are worth writing about, and although my focus is on those things, here’s where you’ll find the rest. A dash of culture, philosophy and frankly any observational interest that crosses my path.


Rory MacGregor Kirkwood, another overly opinionated individual without even the modicum of decency required to only bother friends with his thoughts. Current affairs, politics, news media and other issues of significance might end up under my scalpel-like scalpel of truth and dryness.

I spent the majority of my youth floating around the world on the coattails of my senior’s activities. It could have something to do with my need to poke my nose into global, or otherwise notable, issues but I like to think I can back my presumption with a decent brain and aptitude for interpretation.


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