Coming Soon

Forthcoming is a genuine attempt at a philosophical piece. A conversation last night spun wildly out of control. Where it started I’m not sure but it led to concepts of natural law, agency, potential actors, rational self interest, notions of rights, life, the universe and everything. In this I thought to find a way to consolidate the theme of my two blogs by establishing what perhaps could be a novel perception of the world. Without attaching myself to a marketable and therefore crude niche, a theme was hard to come by. I am not one thing, as such, and neither are you.

It surprises me when someone exclaims anything so certain as, “I am a conservative,” or, “I am a liberal.” To apply oneself to a stock ideology and be contained by it is ill considered, and more likely a conscious enforcement of environmental values. Loosely speaking, Tories create Tories, Liberals create Liberals and they tribally operate in relation to each other and within themselves. Defections aren’t uncommon, but all too often they are merely from one echo chamber to the other. This kind of ideological warring is a blight.

Perhaps too ambitiously I would like to try and establish a baseline from which a rationalist ideology can be extracted. The baseline will essentially be a reductive construction of our reality. What are the bare facts of existence and how are these applied to the human condition? Should we seek to operate within those terms, or in a sense transcend evolutionary imperatives to be more than what I feel this analyses will show us to be? Is it fact necessary to do the latter without limiting ourselves to lesser behaviours and moralities?

I hope it will be controversial. Coming soon to this half of the project.



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2 responses to “Coming Soon

  1. Currently undergoing some final stages of scrutiny by my peers. Should be available within the next 24 hours.

  2. Oh god… the scrutiny was brutal. It will take another day or so.

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