Playing With Space – Poetry

The Daily Post Weekly Writing Challenge

Read in the manner of Tim Key. Who is actually a poet, technically speaking, and writes real poetry that complies with poetic meters and so on so forth.

Poetry… is usually rubbish.

It makes me feel… like another person is trying to thrust subjective meaning onto my own thoughts.

Based on their usually limited and effete… sensibilities.

It is… really annoying.

However… it can also be crap when poets try to be overly artistic in a linguistic sense.

Like the… minimalist use of repetitive scatology to create a dumb sense of inner conflict.

Or… something.

I really wish… poetry was better.

For example I really like Allen Ginsberg.

I suspect that makes me heavily contrived but… I just don’t care.

Howl… was a good poem. It made me…

Think… and it had themes.

Not stupid themes… like dew on a spring rose reflecting the colour of my soul.

But meaty themes, like angry, ruined drug addict intellectuals… despairing over the age.

I also happen to like William Blake… he actually rhymes sometimes.

Tiger tiger burning bright in the forests of the night… yeh.

I also really fail to… understand.

Why some poets feel the need.

To… start a line all the way over here… it looks really messy.

What is the… purpose of playing with spaces on the page?

Seriously… I don’t understand and it annoys me.

So as I rapidly exhaust… the names of poets I could recite even a few lines of.

And… grow weary of this exercise in mockery.

I ponder… after wondering if lovers of poetry are laying hate in heaps upon me now.

Is this poetry too?



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